GroupnShop has made our site a better experience for you to buy, sell, rent, and hire.

We’ve all been there – you’re spending hours on Kijiji, eBay or Facebook Marketplace trying to find something you need or sell something you don’t. You get frustrated with the design of their site, their messaging systems, hunting down a post through loads of notifications and you’re left wishing there was a better platform. Well, here it is – GroupnShop.

Here are five reasons why GroupnShop will be your new favourite buy and sell platform.

ONE: A user dashboard

You no longer need to look through unrelated notifications, check your email multiple times or scroll through loads of messages to see if you’re the winning bid or if your item has offers. With GroupnShop’s dashboard feature, you can see your messages, offers, jobs and rentals all in one spot.

TWO:  Connecting with your bank for rent it transactions

Our renting option is already unique – but with Stripe, rentals are easy. We’ve integrated Stripe into our platform to make the payment process seamless.   It places a Renter damage deposit on hold (on behalf of the Owner of the item) until the item is returned – protecting our Owner’s valuables. And our Owners gets paid promptly.

Stripe is a trusted payment infrastructure for the internet. It’s used by millions of businesses of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

THREE:  User-friendly posting

Whether you’re posting an item or exploring posts, we have made it a simple experience.

For posting, it only takes a couple of minutes and a couple easy steps to connect people with your item. After you fill in the item details, you set your price. We’ve also added an option to set a minimum price, which is only visible to you, so that you only get notifications on offers of that price or higher.

When you’re looking for items, we know that photos matter. You don’t need to squint to see the image – it’s upfront and first. We’ve also made finding what you need easy – you can browse through categories or use our search tool to see what items are available.

FOUR: In-site direct messaging

No longer do you have to exchange your personal email or phone number to buy and sell. GroupnShop’s in-site direct messaging is instant and instinctive. Whether you’re connecting with a seller or hearing from a buyer, our messaging system automatically displays the item you have listed into the top of the chat – so you never have to wonder what item you’re talking about.

Our direct messaging system is mobile and desktop friendly – so you can be at home, in a grocery store or on the sidelines of a soccer game and still connect with a buyer or seller.

FIVE: We’re canadian owned and operated

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or a local web-based business, it’s important to support local entrepreneurs and businesses in your area. GroupnShop is Canadian owned and operated. Based in Calgary, Alberta, GroupnShop adheres to Canada’s strict e-business security, privacy and legal requirements. We celebrate that we’re Canadian but we’ve also worked with a global team to ensure usability in any country.

There are a couple of features that deserve an honourable mention too. GroupnShop has a rating system for buyers, sellers and renters for transparency and accountability. We have a live chat system to help you with any questions you have on the site. And we are always open to your feedback to better your experience at GroupnShop.

Join the GroupnShop community today and start posting your items.