Do you have a lot of overstock or equipment that you would like to make revenue from? Let’s talk.

We know that having different avenues to increase revenue can help drive business.  At GroupnShop, we partner with companies to help them connect to their local communities and generate revenue through our Rent It feature.

Let’s learn about why you should take advantage of renting through GroupnShop.

Reason 1: Easy-to-use platform

We’ve made our services easy to use. Renting your overstock or equipment only takes five minutes to set up before you start connecting with renters.  You just need to upload photos and details of the items, set your price, preview, and then post. It’s really that easy.

Reason 2: Stress-free financial infrastructure

There will be no need to chase after invoices or build out a system for holds and payments. GroupnShop handles the financial logistics for you.

GroupnShop uses Stripe, a secure and reputable financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Stripe is used by millions of companies from large enterprises to startups and local businesses. With Stripe, we can issue payments and hold damage deposits.

For damage deposits, GroupnShop will place a hold on the renter’s credit card for the amount you specify. We will only release the hold when you confirm the item has been returned in good condition. We also handle payments to your business, based on the daily and weekly rates you set.

And with a 5% processing fee, you can generate revenue without worrying about adding administrative or financial resources to your organization.

Reason 3: Customer service is a second away

We know the importance of customer service. If you are having issues or need assistance on the site, we have a help center that can help you find solutions to your problems.

  • How it Works outlines what different areas of the site are and how to use them.
  • FAQs outline the most common questions we get at GroupnShop.
  • Live Chat you can get assistance quickly with our live chat feature – you just need to click the GroupnShop logo in the bottom right corner.

Reason 4: Terms of use everyone can understand

You and your potential renters can have a clear understanding of the terms of use for our renting feature. Our rules for renting outline everything, in a clear and easy-to-read manner, so that you can trust the rental process.

Reason 5: New customers and awareness

Using GroupnShop, your company will be exposed to new potential customers and will be able to build awareness for your industry. At GroupnShop, our focus is on building communities through our platform – which goes on to connect companies with their local communities and individuals. By using GroupnShop, you will be able to grow your business by increasing your customer base.

Connect with us today to discover how you can make the most of our Rent It feature at GroupnShop. Email today.