There is a new buy and sell platform that is here to offer you more – more features, more possibilities, and more connections.

Welcome to GroupnShop – a new platform for engaging communities and creating opportunities around buying, selling, renting, and hiring.

The founders of GroupnShop wanted to create a community-focused platform that gave people the flexibility and security to buy, sell, rent and hire without users having to reveal their entire lives through their profiles or having to jump through hoops to post their items. They wanted to create a site that was intuitive, easy to use and what customers like you need.

They worked with global talent – from developers and designers to testers – to bring the site together. They invested the time to bring you optimized site, they paid attention to details and talked to users to bring you a site you will enjoy using.

Launched in 2021, GroupnShop has started with four core areas that you can explore:

Quick Posts
Community Based Groups
Rent It
Job Posting

Also, GroupnShop has features that the other platforms just can’t compete with, including a dashboard that allows you to see all your activity on the site in one spot and in-site direct messaging so that buyers and sellers don’t need to exchange emails or phone numbers to connect with one another. New features are popping up regularly as the team continues to take recommendations from customers on the platform.

It’s time to engage with your community! Explore GroupnShop today and sign up to start buying, selling, renting, or hiring.