Quick posts, community based groups, rent it and job postings: GroupnShop is a great platform for your needs.

GroupnShop is more than just a buy and sell platform. With a community-focused approach, GroupnShop is here to help you buy, sell, rent and hire all in one platform. We’ve launched with four core areas: quick posts, community based groups, rentals and job postings. We’ve created this quick-read guide to help you navigate these areas with ease.

QUICK POSTS – Quick buy and Sell

Posting your items takes a couple of minutes and two easy steps.

  1. Enter your item details

If you’re looking to sell your item fast, a descriptive title, the right category, a good photo and a short description make the difference. You’ll also let the buyer know what condition the item is in and the general location (neighbourhood or city specific).

You can also add how many items you have to sell. This is only visible to you and will help you keep track of how many you have sold.

  1. Set your price

When you set your price, you can also set a minimum price. This exclusive feature means that GroupnShop will only send you notifications if you receive offers of that minimum price or higher.

When your item sells, you don’t have to worry about taking down your post. GroupnShop flags your item as sold before removing it automatically.

If you’re trying to find an item, you have tons of ways to filter for what you are looking for. You can browse through twenty different categories, look at the latest or featured deals or search for a specific kind of item. You can make an offer right away or contact the seller for more information.

COMMUNITY-BASED GROUPS – Run 48-hour auctions to sell in your community

Community-based groups at GroupnShop are a great way to get connected with group members through buying and selling.

Community-based groups are where you can host 48-hour auctions. People in the community will be able to bid on your item and GroupnShop will send them a reminder to keep an eye on the auction before it closes.

These groups have codes of conduct to provide a safe environment for everyone. We believe in accountability for our users – so when you’re in a community group, you can be sure that the administrators take ethical actions when managing community-based groups.

RENT IT – Rent items out for easy money

Renting is a great to make money on your rarely used items. Whether it is party supplies, yard or construction equipment or sporting items – you can make money and help someone on their next project.

Our rentals are easy. It’s easy to schedule when you want to rent your item and issue quick confirmations when the items are delivered or picked up.

GroupnShop also has made the damage deposit process seamless. You connect your bank account with GroupnShop, through Stripe, and the platform holds onto the damage deposit until the item is returned safely in good condition.

JOB POSTINGS – Hire talent or find work in your community

Whether you are looking for someone to paint the exterior of your house or looking for your next full-time employee, GroupnShop has made it easy for you to hire for your next job opening or project. If you are posting jobs on GroupnShop, tell us about the job before it becomes live. You can set how you want to communicate with possible applicants and set your job requirements. It’s never been so easy to connect with new people for an open position or a project.

It’s time to start buying, selling, renting, and hiring. Join the GroupnShop community today.